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Introducd:    PERSONAL DETAILS:   Name:                   Dr. Mary Atieno Masiga Date of Birth:             20th May 1959 Place of Birth     :        Nakuru, Kenya Sex:                       Female Mari





Name:                   Dr. Mary Atieno Masiga

Date of Birth:             20th May 1959

Place of Birth     :        Nakuru, Kenya

Sex:                       Female

Marital Status:     Married

Religion:               Protestant (Anglican)

Nationality:                 Kenyan

Permanent Address:         P.O. Box 48792, 00100, Nairobi

Contact Address:       Faculty of Dental Sciences

                       P.O. Box 19679, Nairobi

E-mail:                   ati-masiga@ yahoo.com

Telephone:         215555/212423

Languages:        English, Kiswahili





1989 - 1990: Masters Degree in Paediatric Dentistry (MSc.)

       University of London, United Kingdom.


1978-1983:  Bachelors Degree in Dental Surgery (B.D.S) university of Nairobi, Kenya.





1975–1977:  Limuru Girls School, Limuru, Kenya.

                  Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE 3 Principles 1 Subsidary)


1971–1974:  Menengai High School, Nakuru, Kenya.

                       Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE Division 1)


1963 –1970:  St Joseph’s Primary School, Nakuru, Kenya. Of Primary Education (CPE)




COMPUTER TRAINING:  Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word   

                                     SPSS for Windows 10.0




1991–Date: Lecturer, Department of Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences,

                      University of Nairobi


1986 – 1990: Tutorial Fellow, Department of Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, and Faculty of

                       Dental Sciences, University of Nairobi.


1984– 986:  Dental Officer I, Kenyatta National Hospital.


1983 – 198: Dental officer II (Intern), Kenyatta National Hospital




2005-Date: Examiner, Kenya Medical & Dentists Board Internship/Assessment Examinations.
1991 - Date:  Internal Examiner, Dept.of Paediatric Dentistry& Orthodontics

1994 - 1996:  External Examiner, Paediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Community Oral Health, Kenya Medical

                       Training Institute (KMTI)



Teaching :  Seminar & clinical teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Research:  Supervision of research projects/theses for undergraduate and post graduate students.


ü     Examinations:  Preparation of undergraduate and postgraduate Students for university    

§            examinations.


§             Setting of written and clinical examinations for undergraduate and postgraduate    



§            Liaising with External Examiners for moderation of examinations.


Coordinator:      Post graduate studies -  time tabling and coordinating

                         seminar & clinical activities  for postgraduate



Ag Chairman:  Department of Pediatric Dentistry /Orthodontics 

                           25th May-9th May 2004

                          10th Aug.-20th Aug. 2004

    17th July-20th July 2005




Chairman: Faculty of Dental Sciences Students Counseling Team Coordinating academic counseling for

      Students Organizing interactive activities between academic

             Staff & students                      


Chairman: Faculty of Dental Sciences University Exhibition Comm.    


Chairman: Faculty of Dental Sciences Library Committee


 Member:  Faculty of Dental Sciences Development committee


Postgraduate students:


1.      Dr. Musera, D.      

Dental caries and oral heath knowledge and practices among 10-12 years old urban and rural children in Kenya. (defended)


 2.  Dr. Muriithi, H.     

Paediatric dental and oral  maxillofacial injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. (defended)


3.      Dr. Ng’ang’a, R.N.   

External and internal root morphology of premolar teeth of  Kenyans of African origin. (defended)

 4. Dr. Ober, J. A.         

Oral health status and utilization of oral health services by children with         cerebral palsy in Nairobi, Kenya. (on going)


5.    Dr. Owino, R.O.       

Gingivitis and dental caries among 12 -year -old  children in a rural town in Trans-Nzoia district.(on going)


Undergraduate students:


  1.  Nguyo, E.                 

Knowledge, attitudes and use of pits & fissure sealants by dentists in     Nairobi. (passed)


2.      Nyamu, E N.           

Knowledge, attitude and practices of caregivers attending the Kenyatta National Hospital MCH clinic towards the oral health of their children (passed)


  3. Okomba, M.J.       

Knowledge and attitudes of parents attending the UON Dental Hospital             towards dental health of their children. (passed)


4.   Wangari, V.W.    

Knowledge and perceptions of parents on the association between digit sucking, tongue thrusting & anterior open bite in 3-12-year old children in Nairobi.(on going)     



1.      Masiga, M.A.. A study of patients attending for surgical management of impacted canines. MSC Thesis 1990.


2.     Masiga, M.A., Holt, R.The prevalence of dental caries and gingivitis and their relationship to social class amongst  nursery school children in Nairobi, Kenya.  Int. J. of Paed. Dent. 1993; 3: 135 – 140.


3.      Masiga, M.A.   Demographic characteristics of patients attending for     surgical  treatment of unerrupted canines.  Afri. J. of Oral Health 

        Sciences. 2002; 3 (2):  129 – 132.


4.       Masiga, M.A.   Iatrogenic hypodontia following traditional excision of          decidous canine tooth buds: case reports.   Afri. J. of Oral Health Sciences. 2003; 4 (1): 173-174.


5.    Nyamu, E.N.,  Masiga, M.A.,  Gathece, L.W., Mutara, L.N.  Knowledge  attitude and practices of care givers attending the Kenyatta N. Hospital MCH clinics towards oral health of their children.   Afri. J. of Oral  Health Sciences. 2003; 4 (3): 326 – 327.


6.      Masiga, M.A. Sociodemographic characteristic and clinic features among patients   

                             attending a private paediatric clinic in Nairobi, Kenya

                              E.A Med. J. 2004: 8 ; 577 – 582

7.  Muriithi, H., Masiga, M.A., Chindia, M.L. Paediatric dental injuries at   Kenyatta N.

                             Hospital.(EAMJ 82: 592-597)


8.   Masiga, M.A. Presenting chief complaints and clinical characteristics among patients

                              attending the Department of Paediatric Dentistry clinic at the University of Nairobi

                              Dental Hospital.  (accepted December 2005, EAMJ)




 1. Masiga, M.A.  Impacted permanent canines in patients attending a dental

         clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. (submitted ,EAMJ)


2.      Masiga, M.A.   Dental caires and gingivitis in children attending a low

socioeconomic informal school in Nairobi, Kenya (under preparation)


3.         Masiga, M.A.  Dental caries and snacking habits of 5-12 year old    children residing within a sugar belt region – Mumias, Kenya. (under preparation)


4.         Masiga M.A.  Dental  treatment under general anesthesia at a  children’s Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya . (prepared for presentation)




1.                                                          Masiga M,A.   Management of children in the dental surgery. The 16th Congress of the International Association for Dental research (IADR), East & Southern Africa Division, Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi, 2002.


2.   Musera, D.K., Masiga, M.A., Ng’an,’a, P.M.   Dental caries and oral      health knowledge and practices among 10-12 year old urban and rural children in Kenya .The 17th congress of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), East and Southern African division. Arusha Intern. Conf. Centre  (AICC), 29 – 30th October 2003.


3.  Osamong, L.A., Salamba, K. O., Masiga, M.A., Osundwa, M.T.  Clinical assessment and management of a patient with history of rickets (case report).  The 1st joint congress of the East & Southern Africa and  Kuwait divisions: West African and Jordanian Sections, Hilton Hotel Nairobi, 26th – 29th August 2004.


4.   Masiga, M.A., Oduor-Noah, S.  Dental treatment under General     Anaesthesia at a children’s hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The 1st African & Middle East IADR Federation Conference. Salwa Sabah Al Ahmed Hall, 27th –29thth September,2005.



 1.  Accessibility to oral health services for children aged 0-16 years    in Kenya.

        PhD Proposal under preparation.


2.       Nationwide survey of the dental health needs of children in Kenya/burden of disease.


3.      Determinants of dental care utilization for children in Kenya. Socio-behavioral determinants, oral  health knowledge & beliefs, habits & practices, needs & barriers.

            Economic/enabling resources.


  • Facilities available for oral health care.


  • Utilisation of relevant trained manpower.


  • Costing the Oral Care Health Package for Kenyan children.  



  1. HIV/AIDS.


a.       Oral manifestations as predictors of disease progression.


b.      Impact of the limited availability of oral health care for impoverished families who are

                        disproportionately affected by HIV infection.


c.      Supportive care and its impact on infected children’s quality of life.




1.                  International Association for Dental Research Conferences, 2000- 2005.


2.                  Kenya Dental Association scientific seminars, Nairobi, Kenya,



3.            Kenya Dental Association continuous dental education seminars, 1983 – 2004.


4.       FDI/CDA. Seminar, Safari Park Hotel, Dec. 2003.


5.     Kenya Dental Association workshop on fixed appliance therapy.

          Grand Regency Hotel, 2003.


6.      Workshop on orthodontic management of cleft lip and palate

          patients.  Faculty of dental sciences, January, 2002.


7       Kenya Medical Women's Association workshop on child abuse,      1999


8       British Society of Paediatric Dentistry conferences 1989, 1990, (UK).




1.                  Kenya Dental Association (KDA)


2.                  Kenya medical Association (KMA)


3.                  Kenya Medical Women’s Association (KMWA)


4.                 Int. Association of International Dental Research (IADR)





       Professor of Paediatric Dentistry

       Department of Paediatric Dentistry / Orthodontics

       University of Nairobi                                                                                               

       P.O. Box 19676



2.     DR. G. OGONJI

        Paediatric Dentist/ Chief Dental Officer

        Ministry OF health

        P.O. Box 30016



3.    Dr. M.L CHINDIA

        Senior Lecturer

        Department of Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery

        University of Nairobi

        P.O. Box 19676



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